Accident Insurance, also known as Personal Accident Insurance, pays benefits for accidental injuries. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere - whether you are at home, at work, or even on vacation, regardless you expect them or not. When they happen, make sure that you and your family are protected comprehensively. Personal accident insurance policy can reimburse your medical costs and can provide compensation in case of disability or death caused by accidents. Such a policy ensures the financial stability of an individual and his/her family if he/she gets injured or dies in an accident.

Nobody likes to think about it, and we hope it never happens, but there is always the possibility that an accident could happen to you. It is important to understand and plan in advance what will happen next. When you take out loans from banks, including mortgages, one of the mandatory requirements of the bank is accident insurance. Consider the impact on your financial situation, for example, a regular traffic accident. You never know when you or someone in your family might get hurt. Accident insurance is protection against such situations. This is why comprehensive accident insurance is now widely used to protect you, your colleagues, your families.

Personal Accident Insurance is essential for everyone, irrespective of their age, occupation, and health.

If you have an accident, it is important for you to understand that you have support. We can arrange a Personal Accident cover, which offers financial help when you’re in need, from unexpected injuries to hospital stays. It can be both group policies for businesses and individual ones covering yourself, your partner or spouse, your children. In any case you will be well protected.

Various accident insurance products and plans can be provided. The most common ones will include coverage, as follows:

  • Accidental death:
    If the policyholder dies in an accident then his/her nominee gets accidental death compensation. The family is financially secure in this situation.
  • Permanent total disability:
    The insurance policy pays a certain amount depending upon the nature of the disability. Total sum insured can be reimbursed in case of loss of one or both limbs, loss of speech, loss of vision in both eyes, hearing loss in both ears.
  • Permanent partial disability:
    An irreversible significant reduction in overall working capacity due to injury or illness. This is applicable if, for example, an assured has lost his/her hearing in one ear or suffered eyesight loss in one eye. Or, it could be that the policyholder has lost an index finger, a thumb, or even a hand, as well as other cases when an accident impairs you for a certain time.
  • Transportation benefit:
    In certain cases a family transportation benefit can be granted. Say, the insured person is in a hospital being a long distance of his home. The immediate family member will incur certain transportation expenses to reach the hospital.
  • Further benefits:
    The insurance policy provides extended coverage to include, for example, education and job loss benefits and funeral expenses. You will also be reimbursed for hospital expenses, including the cost of an ambulance.

Critical Illness cover can be added to any Personal Accident policy.

We can also arrange High Net Worth Disability Insurance Providing cover akin to a standard Personal Accident Insurance, as well as Key Person Insurance designed to protect a business from financial hardship caused by the loss of services through the death or disability of an individual who is key to that business.

Fully customized personal accident insurance plan, which we can offer, will let you choose protection to suit both your needs as well as budget. Tailor-made personal accident protection to meet your individual needs, working year-round across the globe – it’s what we care about dealing with our clients.

We are no ordinary insurance and reinsurance broker. Founded over twenty years ago, we are one of the region’s oldest independent, privately owned insurance broker. We are completely dedicated to our business and our status as a privately owned broker means that all of our energies are focused on providing a first class service to our clients.

Our insurance booking service offering is based on:

  • Understanding of your risks and needs, strategies and business objectives
  • Specialist market knowledge and local expertise, to ensure that you are in compliance with the local insurance law
  • Responsiveness, 24 hours response time to inquiries and submissions, a one-stop shop
  • Comprehensive service delivery by experienced, motivated personnel and better resource allocation ensuring your ability to interact with the right people at the right level
  • Flexibility and ability to achieve superior outcomes through innovations and technical competence
  • Relationships built on trust, integrity and mutual respect seeking long-term partnership with you
  • The highest standards of moral and ethical behaviour
  • Claims excellence

Our passion for customer service excellence clearly differentiate us from our competitors and wherever possible we look to add value above and beyond expectations.

Not all insurance brokers are the same. Not all understand the need to build effective, long-lasting and mutually rewarding partnerships with their clients.
Partnership is at the heart of our philosophy.

Other Classes of Insurance

Our broking activities cover a wide range of insurance classes and risk services. As in all areas of our operation we seek to offer flexibility and innovation to ensure that our clients not only save on their costs, but also get the protection they need.

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