Specialised complex discipline that provides cover against physical loss and damage or failure of the launch vehicle or spacecraft (including whilst in-orbit) and legal liability arising out of its ownership and operation (both during launch and whilst in-orbit).

Although after half a century, the exploration of outer space, spacecraft launches, in-orbit operation of satellites and inhabited stations, interplanetary missions appear to be activities to the general public, there are still major risks involved that require reliable insurance solutions. We specialise in providing tailored insurance solutions designed to protect the space industry and other parties involved in space activities.

  • Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Manufacturers
  •  Satellite Operators
  •  Launch-Service Providers
  •  Payload / Transponder Users
  •  Banks and other Financiers

The space insurance is a highly competitive, dynamic, and volatile business, with a global, specialised and qualified insurance market. Within the space insurance market, different types of coverage are available; certain essential covers are highlighted here.

  • Spacecraft pre-transit, transit and pre-launch Insurance
  •  Launch, Commissioning and Early Orbit Insurance
  •  Launch Vehicle Flight Only Insurance
  •  In-Orbit Operations Insurance
  •  Loss of Revenue Insurance
  •  Third Party Liability Insurance
  •  Contingent Liability Insurance
  •  Political Risks Insurance
  •  Ground Risks Insurance

Selecting a competent broker is a key to placing a successful insurance programme. We will negotiate the best insurance terms and conditions, manage transactions, and collect claims that may arise, on your behalf.

  • Senior management involvement, where required ensuring the client have comprehensive cover
  •  Quick response to enquiries
  •  Easy access via all communication methods, 24/7
  •  Experience in handling major claims
  •  Strong international connections


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