Mining of stones and metals has been a human activity since pre-historic times. Modern mining has grown into a diversified global high tech industry sector, which despite becoming substantially safer than it was, involves numerous operational, occupational, social and environmental perils and hazards.

Skilfully exploiting the capacity of local and international insurance and reinsurance markets, we focus on providing specific insurance solutions for clients of all sizes and areas of operations, from junior exploration to global miners, via refineries and suppliers of services to the industry.

  • All types of opencast and underground fossil fuels or metal ore mines, including solution mining
  • Non-metallic / industrial minerals mining and quarrying operations, soft rock to hard rock
  • Stone and gemstone mining and processing companies
  • Mineral processing including sluicing, smelting or electrolytic reduction operations
  • Mineral exploration companies
  • Equipment manufacturers, environmental testing and metallurgy analysis companies and other mining support activities

The expertise that we offer our clients in the mining sector covers the entire life-span of each individual project, including the financing, exploration, transit of equipment and materials all over the world, revenue and property protection through the construction, operation and reclamation of a site.

Property & Business Interruption Insurance

From basic fire coverage to all-embracing, multi-lined packages, we are able to secure competitive cover on an incredible range of exposures for clients from tunnels and pits to the process plants and smelters. Whether clients are looking for earthquake protection or contingent business interruption cover, we will utilise our excellent relationships with our markets to find the right solution.

  • Property physical damage (surface & underground), including natural catastrophe perils (flood, wind, tsunami, earthquake, etc.)
  • Commodities
  • Contractors plant & equipment
  • Business interruption (full gross profit or standing charges only), extended when required to machinery breakdown, increase in cost of working, additional increased cost of working, contingent business interruption

Liability Insurance

  • Third party liability
  • Pollution third party liability
  • Employers liability / Workers compensation
  • Environmental impairment liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Cyber liability / Privacy protection

Management Liability Insurance

We will organise seamless coverage to protect you and your company against liabilities arising from governance, finance, benefits, and management activities.

  • Directors’ and Officers’ liability (D&O)
  • Employment practices liability
  • Corporate liability
  • Crime insurance

Construction Projects

Proactive approach to and integrated service delivery for annual construction programmes and project specific / infrastructure projects: from design to construction, through to commissioning phase.

  • Contractors all risks / Erection all risks
  • Delay in start-up / Advanced loss of profits
  • Third party liability

Political Risks Insurance

Mining companies active in both exploration and extraction in overseas territories will increasingly need to consider the political risks they may encounter and which result from actions taken by the host government. Extractive industries have historically been more prone to acts of confiscation, expropriation and nationalisation (including operating licence cancellation) by a host government than any other industry. We specialise in arranging tailored insurance programmes for companies or their financial institutions to cover physical asset or investment exposures, such as country risk and performance risk.

  • Risks to contracts: government frustration repudiation, embargo
  • Risks to overseas assets: deprivation, forced abandonment, sabotage and terrorism, war damage, confiscation
  • Risks to receivables: non-payment due to government buyer default
  • Risks to the generation of revenue: currency inconvertibility, trade disruption, force majeure

Project Risks

  • Risks to cross border projects for lenders and developers
  • Expropriatory acts (including operating licence cancellation, selective discrimination and forced divestiture)
  • Currency transfer risk
  • Political violence and forced abandonment
  • Embargo and sanction risks

Credit Risks Insurance

  • Risks to receivables: private buyer insolvency or protracted default
  • Export credit and Domestic trade credit
  • Whole turnover and single situation
  • Counterparty bank default
  • Surety

Marine and Transit Insurance

We specialise in ‘Mine Throughput’ placements, together with stand alone transit coverage for imports and exports of all interests, from raw materials and machinery through to refined product.

  • Stock throughput or Stand-alone stock
  • Marine consequential loss
  • Charterers’ legal liability

Other products

The above are examples of the core services we provide our clients in the mining sector. We are also able to offer a wide-ranging selection of products, from Kidnap and Ransom, Personal Accident and Travel cover to more bespoke environmental liabilities and risk analysis services.

Working closely with our international partners and strategic alliances we will provide you with a single point of contact for all your project risk assessment, advisory and insurance needs.

  • Rapid response
  • Flexible, proactive support
  • Innovative solutions
  • Service driven philosophy
  • Flat management structure to streamline delivery

We can assist in all aspects of the mining process, from the financing, exploration, construction and operational activities through to eventual closure and reclamation.


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