Protection against the exposure of portfolio to any adverse annual fluctuation; it is a financial tool that helps direct insurers to implement their corporate strategies effectively and confidently

Reinsurance is a highly specialized business that requires experience and knowledge to carefully access the value, and quality of your exposure, and understanding of the markets to deliver a robust and dependable protection for your risks portfolio.

As one of the leading regional reinsurance brokers, we access both local and global reinsurance markets and have specialist team covering all EAEU territories. We handle all types of business – short tail and long tail classes – and because we keep our clients’ needs at the centre of our business we can offer unique programme structures specifically tailored to their individual needs.

AXIOM comprises a team of highly specialized and innovative professionals, dedicated to tailor reinsurance programmes that meet clients’ needs at a competitive premium

It is our philosophy to work closely with you, providing a service that meets your needs ranging from placement of risks to in-depth analysis of the alternative options that are available.

  • Insurance and Reinsurance Markets
  • Insurance Brokers and other Intermediaries

Aviation Reinsurance

While all primary aerospace insurers need to manage their accumulation of risk through the purchase of reinsurance protection, no two insurers have exactly the same needs. Additionally, the availability and flexibility of reinsurance capacity varies from year to year. We are renowned for being a broker that not only moves with the times but often ahead of them. We have a proven track record for devising the most complex and effective programmes.

Our reinsurance specialists have the experience and connections to tailor a programme to meet your needs at a competitive premium.

  • Aviation Hull and Spares All Risks Quota Share Reinsurance
  • Aviation Hull and Spares All Risks Risk Excess Reinsurance
  • Aviation Liability Excess of Loss Reinsurance
  • Aviation Liability Risk Excess Reinsurance
  • Aviation Hull War and Allied Perils Quota Share Reinsurance
  • Aviation War and Allied Perils Liability Risk Excess Reinsurance
  • Reinstatement Premium Protection Reinsurance

Marine Reinsurance

We place all types of treaty reinsurance on a proportional and non-proportional basis.

  • Marine Hull & Machinery Reinsurance
  • Protection and Indemnity Reinsurance
  • Marine Cargo Reinsurance

Property and Casualty Reinsurance

We have been at the forefront of reinsurance in Russia and Kazakhstan for over 20 years. Our experienced broking resource enables us to deliver solutions that meet the highest expectations of all parties. We are experienced in handling all classes of reinsurance business, including:

  • Property and Catastrophe Proportional and Non-Proportional programmes (including multi-territory covers)
  • Motor Road Accident and Physical Damage, Automobile Liability Reinsurance
  • Engineering Risks Reinsurance
  • Life and Personal Accident Reinsurance
  • Bonds and Credit Reinsurance
  • Crops Reinsurance
  • Liability Reinsurance
  • Bloodstock and Livestock Reinsurance
  • Professional Indemnity, Errors & Omissions, Directors’ & Officers’, Medical Malpractice, Employers’ Liability and Workers Compensation
  • Terrorism (including Nuclear, Chemical & Biological)
  • Multi-line and Bouquet covers

Then protected on a per risk, clash or proportional treaty basis. More specific coverages are readily available by class, level and territorial scope.

We are fully focused on the specific requirements of each of our clients and pride ourselves on our ability to tailor exclusive and innovative reinsurance solutions, with access to worldwide reinsurance markets.

We are able to provide a comprehensive review of your reinsurance requirements, supported by access to a modelling capability and high quality actuarial analysis of our international correspondent partners.

Our multi-lingual team is highly experienced in placing a diverse range of risks in all classes of business, utilising a wide range of products and methods. These include traditional excess of loss and proportional contracts as well as non-conventional placing mechanisms.

Ultimately, we aim to find creative and cost effective ways of providing the optimum reinsurance protection for our clients.


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