As global trade continues to grow, the maritime industry keeps developing at the same pace. It enjoys new opportunities, but faces new challenges and confronts ever-present risks associated with the business. To tackle risks both old and new, a fresh approach to insurance and risk management is required for all clients irrespective of their size and scope.

Our broking team can offer first-class, professional service to clients across the industry and in the private lifestyle sector:-

  • Ship owners and Charterers
  • Shipyards, Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Port authorities and Terminal operators
  • Container owners, lessors and operators
  • Marina operators, Yachts and pleasure crafts owners
  • Pilots, Shipping agents and other marine professionals and traders

AXIOM has a dedicated broking team with years of experience and knowledge acquired from working in the international and local markets. Through our international partners and strategic alliances, we have the global reach and specialised expertise to deliver more than just the placement of risk, but also to offer excellent advise on and handle a broad range of risks, on a direct or wholesale basis.

Marine Hull and Associated Risks

  • Hull & Machinery Insurance
  • Disbursements, Freight and Increased Value Insurance (TLO)
  • Hull War and Associated Perils Insurance
  • Loss of Hire Insurance
  • Mortgagees' Interest Insurance
  • Shipbuilders' and Conversion Risks Insurance

Marine Liability Risks

  • Protection & Indemnity Insurance
  • Charterers’ liabilities Insurance
  • Freight, Demurrage & Defence Insurance
  • Port / Wharfinger’s / Stevedore’s Liability,
  • Terminal or Marina Operators Liability Insurance
  • Ship Repairer’s Liability Insurance

Marine Cargo

  • Loss or damage to the cargo itself
  • Increased value
  • Intermediaries’ commission
  • Customs duty
  • Freight contingency

Stock Throughput

Seamless coverage for physical loss or damage to goods in transit and whilst as inventory plus limited work in process. Includes contingent interest in goods even when not owned.


  • Coverage against loss or contamination of bunkers.
  • Bunker oil pollution damage.

More specific coverages are readily available by class, level and territorial scope.

  • Rapid response
  • Flexible, proactive support
  • Innovative solutions
  • Service driven philosophy

Flat management structure to streamline delivery


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