Comprehensive protection against physical loss or damage to the aircraft and legal liability arising out of its ownership, operation or financing. Specific policies are also available to cover the legal liability of airport owners, aviation equipment manufacturers and service providers

We offer tried and tested solutions and a bespoke service to each client, ranging from light aircraft to commercial airliners, from airports to aviation manufacturers, and products and service providers:

  • Commercial Passenger Airlines, including scheduled, regional and charter
  • Commercial Cargo Airlines
  •  General Aviation (Fixed and Rotor-wing), Private and Executive
  •  Aviation Equipment Lessors and Financiers
  •  Airports and Airside Contractors and Concessionaires
  •  Refuelling and Oil Contractors
  •  Air Navigation Service Providers
  •  Aerospace Manufacturers or Distributors
  •  Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Organisations (MRO)

Our programmes offering includes a selection of the following products and services, dependent on specific requirements:

  • Aviation Hull All Risks and Legal Liability to Passengers, Third Parties, Cargo & Freight Insurance
  •  Aviation Hull Deductible Buy-Down
  •  Aviation Hull War And Allied Perils Insurance
  •  Aviation War And Allied Perils Insurance (Excess AVN52)
  •  Total Loss Only Insurance
  •  Aircraft Loss of Use (Utilisation) Insurance
  •  Workshop Liability Insurance (Premises & Hangarkeepers)
  •  Product Liability Insurance
  •  Airport Owners & Operators Liability Insurance
  •  Aircrew Personal Accident Insurance
  •  Aircrew Loss of Licence Insurance
  •  Financiers Contingency & Repossession Insurance
  •  Political Risks Insurance
  •  Review of Commercial Contracts to ensure full compliance and compatibility with insurance requirements
  •  Review of Insurance Policy Wordings

We differentiate ourselves by striving for excellence in the following areas:

  • A dedicated highly skilled team of Aviation professionals with knowledge of all aviation sectors
  •  Quick response to enquiries
  •  Easy access via all communication methods, 24/7/365
  •  Imaginative and responsive to new issues
  •  Strong international connections


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