‘We need cash here and now!’ This statement is so true at the time of an insured loss. The statistics show that 90% of legitimate insurance claims made under policies placed by brokers are settled without delay; another 5% of claims are settled soon after the brokers negotiate with the insurers.

Claims handling is the "shop window" of insurance. It is for prompt and satisfactory settlement of claims that you pay insurance premiums.

AXIOM have developed a strong, proactive claims culture to manage claims collection effectively, whether they are large, headline claims or small attritional claims that can erode an underwriter’s margins of profit.

It is our philosophy that claims service begins prior to the placing of any coverage, and is an important consideration in the selection of markets.

Our claims specialists form an integral part of a client’s dedicated servicing team, ensuring we understand the client and the structure of their programme prior to any claim arising.

If you have a claim please contact us by phone or by filling the form below.