Environmental liability insurance (also known as environmental insurance or pollution insurance) provides coverage for loss or damage resulting from unexpected releases of pollutants typically excluded in general liability and property insurance policies. The losses or damages covered by environmental insurance usually arise in the form of claims against insureds for bodily injury, property damage, clean-up costs, and business interruption.Environmental liability insurance covers the cost of restoring damage caused by environmental accidents, such as pollution of land, water, air, and biodiversity damage.

Taking care of the environment and reducing pollution has, in recent decades, become a high-priority global topic. Changes in laws to help look after the planet are not only affecting the way industries operate but are also visibly affecting our day-to-day lives and habits.

No matter your industry and business size, whether you are a contractor, consultant, facility owner or manager, environmental insurance can help your business mitigate and safeguard against pollution related risks.It's not just the production of hazardous substances and waste that can cause damage. Seemingly innocuous waste such as milk, run-off water containing food waste, oil or fuel can be serious enough to cause damage. Businesses are now liable financially for the cost of any damage their pollutants have caused. It doesn't matter, either, whether it is pollution caused by your company or by your contractors.

Businesses, who may be especially interested in environmental liability insurance policy buying, are:

  • Industrial sites
  • Recycling facilities
  • Landfills
  • Transport terminals and warehouses
  • Pipelines and tank farms
  • Hazardous cargo carriers
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Brownfield redevelopers
  • Sewerage treatment and waste disposal facilities

Despite the best efforts of many businesses, there are incidents resulting in environmental destruction, injury or property damage. They may be sudden or they may occur over time, but when they do, environmental restoration and legal consequences are costly.

Environmental liabilities can arise for almost any company, and the recovery costs can be substantial — both direct and indirect. The majority of property and liability policies do not insure pollution risk, which means that your environmental insurance policy is the sole means for you to recover losses caused by environmental issues.

Environmental liability insurance policy we can arrange will protect your business from unexpected pollution exposures and cover against such risks, as:

  • Both sudden pollution and gradual pollution
  • Clean-up costs on your site and moving from your site in case of necessity
  • Remediation costs (including investigation costs)
  • Loss prevention and mitigation
  • Emergency costs
  • Third party bodily injury and property damage
  • Transportation and offsite activities
  • First party business interruption
  • Legal costs and expenses
  • Defence and assessment of claims

We can structure your insurance covers to meet your specific needs and objectives and the requirements of other interested parties. Your main advantages will be:

  • Extensive coverage and flexibility
  • Tailor-made insurance wording
  • Long-term insurance contract (more than a year)
  • Professional claims handling
  • Placement with first class security insurers

We are no ordinary insurance and reinsurance broker. Founded over twenty years ago, we are one the region’s oldest independent, privately owned insurance broker. We are completely dedicated to our business and our status as a privately owned broker means that all of our energies are focused on providing a first class service to our clients.

Our insurance broking service offering is based on:

  • Understanding of your risks and needs, strategies and business objectives
  • Specialist market knowledge and local expertise, to ensure that you are in compliance with the local insurance law
  • Responsiveness, 24 hours response time to enquiries and submissions, a one-stop shop
  • Comprehensive service delivery by experienced, motivated personnel and better resource allocation ensuring your ability to interact with the right people at the right level
  • Flexibility and ability to achieve superior outcomes through innovations and technical competence
  • Relationships built on trust, integrity and mutual respect seeking long-term partnership with you
  • The highest standards of moral and ethical behaviour
  • Claims excellence

Our passion for customer service excellence clearly differentiate us from our competitors and wherever possible we look to add value above and beyond expectations.

Not all insurance brokers are the same. Not all understand the need to build effective, long-lasting and mutually rewarding partnerships with their clients.
Partnership is at the heart of our philosophy.

Other Classes of Insurance

Our broking activities cover a wide range of insurance classes and risk services. As in all areas of our operation we seek to offer flexibility and innovation to ensure that our clients not only save on their costs, but also get the protection they need.

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